Ingen  0.5.1
Class List
Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
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 CArcA connection between two ports
 CAtomA generic typed data container
 CAtomReaderAn AtomSink that calls methods on an Interface
 CAtomSinkA sink for LV2 Atoms
 CAtomWriterAn Interface that writes LV2 atoms to an AtomSink
 CClashAvoiderMaps paths so they do not clash with an existing object in a store
 CConfigurationIngen configuration (command line options and/or configuration file)
 CEngineBaseThe engine which executes the process graph
 CForgeForge for Atoms
 CInterfaceAbstract interface common to both engine and clients
 CLV2FeaturesFeatures for use by LV2 plugins
 CModuleA dynamically loaded Ingen module
 CNodeAn object on the audio graph
 CParserRead Ingen objects from Turtle files or strings
 CPortTypeThe type of a port
 CResourceAn object with a URI described by properties
 CSerialiserWrite Ingen objects to Turtle files or strings
 CSocketReaderCalls Interface methods based on Turtle messages received via socket
 CSocketWriterAn Interface that writes Turtle messages to a socket
 CStoreStore of objects in the graph hierarchy
 CStreamWriterAn Interface that writes Turtle messages to a stream
 CTeeInterface that forwards all calls to several sinks
 CTurtleWriterAn Interface that writes Turtle messages to a sink method
 CURIMapURI to integer map and implementation of LV2 URID extension
 CURIsFrequently used interned URIs
 CWorldThe "world" all Ingen modules share