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Ingen::Server::Engine Class Reference

The engine which executes the process graph. More...

#include <Engine.hpp>

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Public Member Functions

 Engine (Ingen::World *world)
virtual void init (double sample_rate, uint32_t block_length, size_t seq_size)
 Initialise the engine for local use (e.g. More...
virtual bool activate ()
 Activate the engine.
virtual void deactivate ()
 Deactivate the engine.
virtual bool pending_events ()
 Return true iff events are waiting to be processed.
virtual unsigned run (uint32_t sample_count)
 Process audio for sample_count frames. More...
virtual void quit ()
 Indicate that a quit is desired. More...
virtual bool main_iteration ()
 Run a single iteration of the main context. More...
virtual void register_client (SPtr< Interface > client)
 Register a client to receive updates about engine changes.
virtual bool unregister_client (SPtr< Interface > client)
 Unregister a client.
void listen ()
 Begin listening on network sockets.
float frand ()
 Return a random [0..1] float with uniform distribution.
void set_driver (SPtr< Driver > driver)
SampleCount event_time ()
 Return the frame time to execute an event that arrived now. More...
uint64_t cycle_start_time (const RunContext &context) const
 Return the time this cycle began processing in microseconds. More...
uint64_t current_time (const RunContext &context) const
 Return the current time in microseconds. More...
void reset_load ()
 Reset the load statistics (when the expected DSP load changes). More...
void enqueue_event (Event *ev, Event::Mode mode=Event::Mode::NORMAL)
 Enqueue an event to be processed (non-realtime threads only). More...
unsigned process_events ()
 Process events (process thread only). More...
Ingen::Worldworld () const
Interfaceinterface () const
EventWriterevent_writer () const
AtomReaderatom_interface () const
BlockFactoryblock_factory () const
Broadcasterbroadcaster () const
BufferFactorybuffer_factory () const
ControlBindingscontrol_bindings () const
Driverdriver () const
Loglog () const
GraphImplroot_graph () const
PostProcessorpost_processor () const
Raul::Maid * maid () const
UndoStackundo_stack () const
UndoStackredo_stack () const
Workerworker () const
Workersync_worker () const
RunContextrun_context ()
void locate (FrameTime s, SampleCount nframes)
 Locate to a given cycle.
void emit_notifications (FrameTime end)
bool pending_notifications ()
bool wait_for_tasks ()
void signal_tasks ()
Tasksteal_task (unsigned start_thread)
SPtr< Storestore () const
size_t event_queue_size () const
size_t n_threads () const
bool atomic_bundles () const

Detailed Description

The engine which executes the process graph.

This is a simple class that provides pointers to the various components that make up the engine implementation. In processes with a local engine, it can be accessed via the Ingen::World.

Member Function Documentation

§ init()

void Ingen::Server::Engine::init ( double  sample_rate,
uint32_t  block_length,
size_t  seq_size 

Initialise the engine for local use (e.g.

without a Jack driver).

sample_rateAudio sampling rate in Hz.
block_lengthAudio block length (i.e. buffer size) in frames.
seq_sizeSequence buffer size in bytes.

Implements Ingen::EngineBase.

§ run()

unsigned Ingen::Server::Engine::run ( uint32_t  sample_count)

Process audio for sample_count frames.

If the return value is non-zero, events have been processed and are awaiting to be finalised (including responding and announcing any changes to clients) via a call to main_iteration().

The number of events processed.

Implements Ingen::EngineBase.

References Ingen::Server::RunContext::duration().

§ quit()

void Ingen::Server::Engine::quit ( )

Indicate that a quit is desired.

This function simply sets a flag which affects the return value of main_iteration, it does not actually force the engine to stop running or block. The code driving the engine is responsible for stopping and cleaning up when main_iteration returns false.

Implements Ingen::EngineBase.

§ main_iteration()

bool Ingen::Server::Engine::main_iteration ( )

Run a single iteration of the main context.

The main context post-processes events and performs housekeeping duties like collecting garbage. This should be called regularly, e.g. a few times per second. The return value indicates whether execution should continue; i.e. if false is returned, a quit has been requested and the caller should cease calling main_iteration() and stop the engine.

Implements Ingen::EngineBase.

§ event_time()

SampleCount Ingen::Server::Engine::event_time ( )

Return the frame time to execute an event that arrived now.

This aims to return a time one cycle from "now", so that events ideally have 1 cycle of latency with no jitter.

References Ingen::Server::ThreadManager::single_threaded.

§ cycle_start_time()

uint64_t Ingen::Server::Engine::cycle_start_time ( const RunContext context) const

Return the time this cycle began processing in microseconds.

This value is comparable to the value returned by current_time().

Referenced by Ingen::Server::PreProcessor::process().

§ current_time()

uint64_t Ingen::Server::Engine::current_time ( const RunContext context) const

Return the current time in microseconds.

Referenced by Ingen::Server::PreProcessor::process().

§ reset_load()

void Ingen::Server::Engine::reset_load ( )

Reset the load statistics (when the expected DSP load changes).

§ enqueue_event()

void Ingen::Server::Engine::enqueue_event ( Event ev,
Event::Mode  mode = Event::Mode::NORMAL 

Enqueue an event to be processed (non-realtime threads only).

Referenced by Ingen::Server::EventWriter::bundle_begin(), and Ingen::Server::EventWriter::bundle_end().

§ process_events()

unsigned Ingen::Server::Engine::process_events ( )

Process events (process thread only).

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