Ingen  0.5.1
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Ingen::URIs Class Reference

Frequently used interned URIs. More...

#include <URIs.hpp>

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struct  Quark

Public Member Functions

 URIs (Ingen::Forge &forge, URIMap *map, LilvWorld *lworld)

Public Attributes

const Quark atom_AtomPort
const Quark atom_Bool
const Quark atom_Chunk
const Quark atom_Float
const Quark atom_Int
const Quark atom_Object
const Quark atom_Path
const Quark atom_Sequence
const Quark atom_Sound
const Quark atom_String
const Quark atom_URI
const Quark atom_URID
const Quark atom_bufferType
const Quark atom_eventTransfer
const Quark atom_supports
const Quark bufsz_maxBlockLength
const Quark bufsz_minBlockLength
const Quark bufsz_sequenceSize
const Quark doap_name
const Quark ingen_Arc
const Quark ingen_Block
const Quark ingen_BundleEnd
const Quark ingen_BundleStart
const Quark ingen_Graph
const Quark ingen_GraphPrototype
const Quark ingen_Internal
const Quark ingen_Redo
const Quark ingen_Undo
const Quark ingen_activity
const Quark ingen_arc
const Quark ingen_block
const Quark ingen_broadcast
const Quark ingen_canvasX
const Quark ingen_canvasY
const Quark ingen_enabled
const Quark ingen_file
const Quark ingen_head
const Quark ingen_incidentTo
const Quark ingen_loadedBundle
const Quark ingen_maxEventLoad
const Quark ingen_maxRunLoad
const Quark ingen_meanRunLoad
const Quark ingen_minRunLoad
const Quark ingen_numThreads
const Quark ingen_polyphonic
const Quark ingen_polyphony
const Quark ingen_prototype
const Quark ingen_sprungLayout
const Quark ingen_tail
const Quark ingen_uiEmbedded
const Quark ingen_value
const Quark log_Error
const Quark log_Note
const Quark log_Trace
const Quark log_Warning
const Quark lv2_AudioPort
const Quark lv2_CVPort
const Quark lv2_ControlPort
const Quark lv2_InputPort
const Quark lv2_OutputPort
const Quark lv2_Plugin
const Quark lv2_appliesTo
const Quark lv2_binary
const Quark lv2_connectionOptional
const Quark lv2_control
const Quark lv2_default
const Quark lv2_designation
const Quark lv2_enumeration
const Quark lv2_extensionData
const Quark lv2_index
const Quark lv2_integer
const Quark lv2_maximum
const Quark lv2_microVersion
const Quark lv2_minimum
const Quark lv2_minorVersion
const Quark lv2_name
const Quark lv2_port
const Quark lv2_portProperty
const Quark lv2_prototype
const Quark lv2_sampleRate
const Quark lv2_scalePoint
const Quark lv2_symbol
const Quark lv2_toggled
const Quark midi_Bender
const Quark midi_ChannelPressure
const Quark midi_Controller
const Quark midi_MidiEvent
const Quark midi_NoteOn
const Quark midi_binding
const Quark midi_controllerNumber
const Quark midi_noteNumber
const Quark morph_AutoMorphPort
const Quark morph_MorphPort
const Quark morph_currentType
const Quark morph_supportsType
const Quark opt_interface
const Quark param_sampleRate
const Quark patch_Copy
const Quark patch_Delete
const Quark patch_Get
const Quark patch_Message
const Quark patch_Move
const Quark patch_Patch
const Quark patch_Put
const Quark patch_Response
const Quark patch_Set
const Quark patch_add
const Quark patch_body
const Quark patch_destination
const Quark patch_property
const Quark patch_remove
const Quark patch_sequenceNumber
const Quark patch_subject
const Quark patch_value
const Quark patch_wildcard
const Quark pprops_logarithmic
const Quark pset_Preset
const Quark pset_preset
const Quark rdf_type
const Quark rdfs_Class
const Quark rdfs_label
const Quark rdfs_seeAlso
const Quark rsz_minimumSize
const Quark state_loadDefaultState
const Quark state_state
const Quark time_Position
const Quark time_bar
const Quark time_barBeat
const Quark time_beatUnit
const Quark time_beatsPerBar
const Quark time_beatsPerMinute
const Quark time_frame
const Quark time_speed
const Quark work_schedule

Detailed Description

Frequently used interned URIs.

This class initially maps all the special URIs used throughout the code using the URIMap so they can be used quickly with the performance of integers, but still be dynamic.

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