Ingen  0.5.1
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Ingen::GUI::ThreadedLoader Class Reference

Thread for loading graph files. More...

#include <ThreadedLoader.hpp>

Public Member Functions

 ThreadedLoader (App &app, SPtr< Interface > engine)
void load_graph (bool merge, const Glib::ustring &document_uri, boost::optional< Raul::Path > engine_parent, boost::optional< Raul::Symbol > engine_symbol, boost::optional< Node::Properties > engine_data)
void save_graph (SPtr< const Client::GraphModel > model, const std::string &filename)
SPtr< Parserparser ()

Detailed Description

Thread for loading graph files.

This is a seperate thread so it can send all the loading message without blocking everything else, so the app can respond to the incoming events caused as a result of the graph loading, while the graph loads.

Implemented as a slave with a list of closures (events) which processes all events in the (mutex protected) list each time it's whipped.

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