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Ingen::Client::ClientStore Class Reference

Automatically manages models of objects in the engine. More...

#include <ClientStore.hpp>

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Public Types

typedef std::map< const Raul::URI, SPtr< PluginModel > > Plugins
- Public Types inherited from Ingen::Store
typedef std::pair< const_iterator, const_iterator > const_range
typedef std::map< Raul::Path, SPtr< Node > > Objects

Public Member Functions

 ClientStore (URIs &uris, Log &log, SPtr< SigClientInterface > emitter=SPtr< SigClientInterface >())
Raul::URI uri () const
SPtr< const ObjectModelobject (const Raul::Path &path) const
SPtr< const PluginModelplugin (const Raul::URI &uri) const
SPtr< const Resourceresource (const Raul::URI &uri) const
void clear ()
SPtr< const Plugins > plugins () const
SPtr< Plugins > plugins ()
void set_plugins (SPtr< Plugins > p)
URIsuris ()
void put (const Raul::URI &uri, const Resource::Properties &properties, Resource::Graph ctx=Resource::Graph::DEFAULT)
void delta (const Raul::URI &uri, const Resource::Properties &remove, const Resource::Properties &add)
void copy (const Raul::URI &old_uri, const Raul::URI &new_uri)
void move (const Raul::Path &old_path, const Raul::Path &new_path)
void set_property (const Raul::URI &subject_path, const Raul::URI &predicate, const Atom &value)
void connect (const Raul::Path &tail, const Raul::Path &head)
void disconnect (const Raul::Path &tail, const Raul::Path &head)
void disconnect_all (const Raul::Path &graph, const Raul::Path &path)
void del (const Raul::URI &uri)
void undo ()
void redo ()
void set_response_id (int32_t id)
 Set the ID to use to respond to the next message. More...
void get (const Raul::URI &uri)
void response (int32_t id, Status status, const std::string &subject)
void error (const std::string &msg)
 INGEN_SIGNAL (new_object, void, SPtr< ObjectModel >)
 INGEN_SIGNAL (new_plugin, void, SPtr< PluginModel >)
 INGEN_SIGNAL (plugin_deleted, void, Raul::URI)
- Public Member Functions inherited from Ingen::Store
void add (Node *o)
Nodeget (const Raul::Path &path)
iterator find_descendants_end (Store::iterator parent)
const_iterator find_descendants_end (Store::const_iterator parent) const
const_range children_range (SPtr< const Node > o) const
void remove (iterator top, Objects &removed)
 Remove the object at top and all its children from the store. More...
void rename (iterator i, const Raul::Path &new_path)
 Rename (move) the object at top to new_path. More...
unsigned child_name_offset (const Raul::Path &parent, const Raul::Symbol &symbol, bool allow_zero=true) const
std::mutex & mutex ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from Ingen::Interface
virtual SPtr< Interfacerespondee () const
virtual void set_respondee (SPtr< Interface > respondee)

Detailed Description

Automatically manages models of objects in the engine.

Member Function Documentation

§ set_response_id()

void Ingen::Client::ClientStore::set_response_id ( int32_t  id)

Set the ID to use to respond to the next message.

Setting the ID to 0 will disable responses.

Implements Ingen::Interface.

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