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Ingen::World Class Reference

The "world" all Ingen modules share. More...

#include <World.hpp>

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Public Types

typedef SPtr< Interface >(* InterfaceFactory) (World *world, const Raul::URI &engine_uri, SPtr< Interface > respondee)
 A function to create a new remote Interface. More...

Public Member Functions

 World (int &argc, char **&argv, LV2_URID_Map *map, LV2_URID_Unmap *unmap, LV2_Log_Log *log)
 Construct a new Ingen world. More...
virtual bool load_module (const char *name)
 Load an Ingen module by name (e.g. More...
virtual bool run_module (const char *name)
 Run a loaded module (modules that "run" only, e.g. More...
virtual void add_interface_factory (const std::string &scheme, InterfaceFactory factory)
 Register an InterfaceFactory (for module implementations). More...
virtual SPtr< Interfacenew_interface (const Raul::URI &engine_uri, SPtr< Interface > respondee)
 Return a new Interface to control a server. More...
virtual bool run (const std::string &mime_type, const std::string &filename)
 Run a script. More...
virtual void set_engine (SPtr< EngineBase > e)
virtual void set_interface (SPtr< Interface > e)
virtual void set_store (SPtr< Store > s)
virtual SPtr< EngineBaseengine ()
virtual SPtr< Interfaceinterface ()
virtual SPtr< Parserparser ()
virtual SPtr< Serialiserserialiser ()
virtual SPtr< Storestore ()
virtual int & argc ()
virtual char **& argv ()
virtual Configurationconf ()
virtual std::mutex & rdf_mutex ()
 Lock for rdf_world() or lilv_world(). More...
virtual Sord::World * rdf_world ()
virtual LilvWorld * lilv_world ()
virtual LV2Featureslv2_features ()
virtual Ingen::Forgeforge ()
virtual URIMapuri_map ()
virtual URIsuris ()
virtual void set_jack_uuid (const std::string &uuid)
virtual std::string jack_uuid ()
virtual Loglog ()

Detailed Description

The "world" all Ingen modules share.

This is the root to which all components of Ingen are connected. It contains all necessary shared data (including the world for libraries like Sord and Lilv) and holds references to components.

Some functionality in Ingen is implemented in dynamically loaded modules, which are loaded using this interface. When loaded, those modules add facilities to the World which can then be used throughout the code.

The world is used in any process which uses the Ingen as a library, both client and server (e.g. the world may not actually contain an Engine, since it maybe running in another process or even on a different machine).

Member Typedef Documentation

§ InterfaceFactory

typedef SPtr<Interface>(* Ingen::World::InterfaceFactory) (World *world, const Raul::URI &engine_uri, SPtr< Interface > respondee)

A function to create a new remote Interface.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

§ World()

Ingen::World::World ( int &  argc,
char **&  argv,
LV2_URID_Map *  map,
LV2_URID_Unmap *  unmap,
LV2_Log_Log *  log 

Construct a new Ingen world.

argcArgument count (as in C main())
argvArgument vector (as in C main())
mapLV2 URID map implementation, or NULL to use internal.
unmapLV2 URID unmap implementation, or NULL to use internal.
logLV2 log implementation, or NULL to use internal.

Member Function Documentation

§ load_module()

bool Ingen::World::load_module ( const char *  name)

Load an Ingen module by name (e.g.

"server", "gui", etc.)

True on success.

References Ingen::Module::library.

§ run_module()

bool Ingen::World::run_module ( const char *  name)

Run a loaded module (modules that "run" only, e.g.


True on success.

§ add_interface_factory()

void Ingen::World::add_interface_factory ( const std::string &  scheme,
InterfaceFactory  factory 

Register an InterfaceFactory (for module implementations).

§ new_interface()

SPtr< Interface > Ingen::World::new_interface ( const Raul::URI &  engine_uri,
SPtr< Interface respondee 

Return a new Interface to control a server.

Get an interface for a remote engine at engine_uri

engine_uriThe URI of the possibly remote server to control.
respondeeThe Interface that will receive responses to commands and broadcasts, if applicable.

§ run()

bool Ingen::World::run ( const std::string &  mime_type,
const std::string &  filename 

Run a script.

Run a script of type mime_type at filename filename

§ rdf_mutex()

std::mutex & Ingen::World::rdf_mutex ( )

Lock for rdf_world() or lilv_world().

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