Ingen  0.5.1
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Ingen::Server::UndoStack Class Reference
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struct  Entry

Public Member Functions

 UndoStack (URIs &uris, URIMap &map)
int start_entry ()
bool write (const LV2_Atom *msg, int32_t default_id=0)
 Write an Atom to the sink. More...
int finish_entry ()
bool empty () const
Entry pop ()
void save (FILE *stream, const char *name="undo")

Member Function Documentation

§ write()

bool Ingen::Server::UndoStack::write ( const LV2_Atom *  msg,
int32_t  default_id = 0 

Write an Atom to the sink.

default_idThe default response ID to use if no patch:sequenceNumber property is present on the message.
True on success.

Implements Ingen::AtomSink.

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