Ingen  0.5.1
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Ingen::GUI::App Class Reference

Ingen Gtk Application. More...

#include <App.hpp>

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Public Member Functions

void error_message (const std::string &msg)
void attach (SPtr< Client::SigClientInterface > client)
void detach ()
void request_plugins_if_necessary ()
void register_callbacks ()
bool gtk_main_iteration ()
void show_about ()
bool quit (Gtk::Window *dialog_parent)
 Prompt (if necessary) and quit application (if confirmed). More...
void port_activity (Port *port)
void activity_port_destroyed (Port *port)
bool can_control (const Client::PortModel *port) const
bool signal () const
void enable_signals (bool b)
bool disable_signals ()
void set_property (const Raul::URI &subject, const Raul::URI &key, const Atom &value)
void set_tooltip (Gtk::Widget *widget, const LilvNode *node)
 Set the tooltip for a widget from its RDF documentation. More...
uint32_t sample_rate () const
bool is_plugin () const
void set_is_plugin (bool b)
ConnectWindowconnect_window () const
MessagesWindowmessages_dialog () const
GraphTreeWindowgraph_tree () const
Stylestyle () const
WindowFactorywindow_factory () const
Ingen::Forgeforge () const
SPtr< Ingen::Interfaceinterface () const
SPtr< Client::SigClientInterfaceclient () const
SPtr< Client::ClientStorestore () const
SPtr< ThreadedLoaderloader () const
SPtr< Serialiserserialiser ()
void run ()
std::string status_text () const
Ingen::Worldworld () const
Ingen::URIsuris () const
Ingen::Loglog () const

Static Public Member Functions

static SPtr< Appcreate (Ingen::World *world)

Public Attributes

sigc::signal< void, const std::string & > signal_status_text_changed

Protected Types

typedef std::map< Port *, bool > ActivityPorts

Protected Member Functions

 App (Ingen::World *world)
bool animate ()
void response (int32_t id, Ingen::Status status, const std::string &subject)
void put (const Raul::URI &uri, const Resource::Properties &properties, Resource::Graph ctx)
void property_change (const Raul::URI &subject, const Raul::URI &key, const Atom &value)

Protected Attributes

SPtr< Client::SigClientInterface_client
SPtr< Client::ClientStore_store
SPtr< ThreadedLoader_loader
SPtr< StreamWriter_dumper
Gtk::AboutDialog * _about_dialog
int32_t _sample_rate
int32_t _block_length
int32_t _n_threads
float _max_event_load
float _mean_run_load
float _min_run_load
float _max_run_load
std::string _status_text
ActivityPorts _activity_ports
bool _enable_signal
bool _requested_plugins
bool _is_plugin

Static Protected Attributes

static Gtk::Main * _main = 0

Detailed Description

Ingen Gtk Application.

Member Function Documentation

§ quit()

bool Ingen::GUI::App::quit ( Gtk::Window *  dialog_parent)

Prompt (if necessary) and quit application (if confirmed).

true iff the application quit.

Referenced by Ingen::GUI::WindowFactory::present_graph().

§ set_tooltip()

void Ingen::GUI::App::set_tooltip ( Gtk::Widget *  widget,
const LilvNode *  node 

Set the tooltip for a widget from its RDF documentation.

Referenced by Ingen::GUI::URIEntry::URIEntry().

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