Ingen  0.5.1
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Ingen::Server::ClientUpdate Struct Reference

A sequence of puts/connects/deletes to update clients. More...

#include <ClientUpdate.hpp>

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struct  Connect
struct  Put

Public Member Functions

void put (const Raul::URI &uri, const Resource::Properties &props, Resource::Graph ctx=Resource::Graph::DEFAULT)
void put_port (const PortImpl *port)
void put_block (const BlockImpl *block)
void put_graph (const GraphImpl *graph)
void put_plugin (PluginImpl *plugin)
void put_preset (const URIs &uris, const Raul::URI &plugin, const Raul::URI &preset, const std::string &label)
void del (const Raul::URI &subject)
void send (Interface *dest)

Public Attributes

std::vector< Raul::URI > dels
std::vector< Putputs
std::vector< Connectconnects

Detailed Description

A sequence of puts/connects/deletes to update clients.

Events like Get construct this in pre_process() and later send it in post_process() to avoid the need to lock.

Class Documentation

§ Ingen::Server::ClientUpdate::Connect

struct Ingen::Server::ClientUpdate::Connect
Class Members
Path tail
Path head

§ Ingen::Server::ClientUpdate::Put

struct Ingen::Server::ClientUpdate::Put
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Class Members
URI uri
Properties properties
Graph ctx

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