Ingen  0.5.1
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Ingen::Server::BlockFactory Class Reference

Discovers and loads plugin libraries. More...

#include <BlockFactory.hpp>

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Public Types

typedef std::map< Raul::URI, PluginImpl * > Plugins

Public Member Functions

 BlockFactory (Ingen::World *world)
std::set< PluginImpl * > refresh ()
 Reload plugin list. More...
void load_plugin (const Raul::URI &uri)
const Plugins & plugins ()
PluginImplplugin (const Raul::URI &uri)

Detailed Description

Discovers and loads plugin libraries.

Member Function Documentation

§ refresh()

std::set< PluginImpl * > Ingen::Server::BlockFactory::refresh ( )

Reload plugin list.

The set of newly loaded plugins.

References Ingen::Server::BlockImpl::plugin().

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