Ingen  0.5.1
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Ingen::GUI::Style Class Reference

Public Member Functions

 Style (App &app)
void load_settings (std::string filename="")
 Loads settings from the rc file. More...
void save_settings (std::string filename="")
 Saves settings to rc file. More...
void apply_settings ()
 Applies the current loaded settings to whichever parts of the app need updating.
uint32_t get_port_color (const Client::PortModel *p)

Member Function Documentation

§ load_settings()

void Ingen::GUI::Style::load_settings ( std::string  filename = "")

Loads settings from the rc file.

Passing no parameter will load from the default location.

§ save_settings()

void Ingen::GUI::Style::save_settings ( std::string  filename = "")

Saves settings to rc file.

Passing no parameter will save to the default location.

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