Ingen  0.5.1
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Ingen::Server::PreProcessor Class Reference

Public Member Functions

 PreProcessor (Engine &engine)
bool empty () const
 Return true iff no events are enqueued. More...
void event (Event *ev, Event::Mode mode)
 Enqueue an event. More...
unsigned process (RunContext &context, PostProcessor &dest, size_t limit=0)
 Process events for a cycle. More...

Protected Member Functions

void run ()

Member Function Documentation

§ empty()

bool Ingen::Server::PreProcessor::empty ( ) const

Return true iff no events are enqueued.

References event(), and process().

Referenced by Ingen::GUI::PropertiesWindow::set_object().

§ event()

void Ingen::Server::PreProcessor::event ( Event ev,
Event::Mode  mode 

Enqueue an event.

This is safe to call from any non-realtime thread (it locks).

References Ingen::Server::Event::is_prepared(), Ingen::Server::Event::next(), and Ingen::Server::Event::set_mode().

Referenced by empty().

§ process()

unsigned Ingen::Server::PreProcessor::process ( RunContext context,
PostProcessor dest,
size_t  limit = 0 

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