Ingen  0.5.1
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Ingen::GUI::NodeModule Class Reference

A module in a graphn. More...

#include <NodeModule.hpp>

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Public Member Functions

Appapp () const
Portport (SPtr< const Client::PortModel > model)
void delete_port_view (SPtr< const Client::PortModel > port)
virtual void store_location (double x, double y)
void show_human_names (bool b)
SPtr< const Client::BlockModelblock () const

Static Public Member Functions

static NodeModulecreate (GraphCanvas &canvas, SPtr< const Client::BlockModel > block, bool human_names)

Protected Member Functions

 NodeModule (GraphCanvas &canvas, SPtr< const Client::BlockModel > block)
virtual bool on_double_click (GdkEventButton *ev)
bool on_event (GdkEvent *ev)
void on_embed_gui_toggled (bool embed)
void embed_gui (bool embed)
bool popup_gui ()
void on_gui_window_close ()
bool on_selected (gboolean selected)
void rename ()
void property_changed (const Raul::URI &predicate, const Atom &value)
void new_port_view (SPtr< const Client::PortModel > port)
void port_activity (uint32_t index, const Atom &value)
void port_value_changed (uint32_t index, const Atom &value)
void plugin_changed ()
void set_control_values ()
bool show_menu (GdkEventButton *ev)

Protected Attributes

SPtr< const Client::BlockModel_block
SPtr< Client::PluginUI_plugin_ui
Gtk::Widget * _gui_widget
Gtk::Window * _gui_window
 iff popped up

Detailed Description

A module in a graphn.

This base class is extended for various types of modules.

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