Ingen  0.5.1
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Ingen::PortType Class Reference

The type of a port. More...

#include <PortType.hpp>

Public Types

enum  ID {
  UNKNOWN = 0,
  AUDIO = 1,
  CONTROL = 2,
  CV = 3,
  ATOM = 4

Public Member Functions

 PortType (const Raul::URI &uri)
 PortType (ID id)
const Raul::URI & uri () const
ID id () const
bool operator== (const ID &id) const
bool operator!= (const ID &id) const
bool operator== (const PortType &type) const
bool operator!= (const PortType &type) const
bool operator< (const PortType &type) const
bool is_audio ()
bool is_control ()
bool is_cv ()
bool is_atom ()

Detailed Description

The type of a port.

This type refers to the type of the port itself (not necessarily the type of its contents). Ports with different types can contain the same type of data, but may e.g. have different access semantics.

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