Ingen  0.5.1
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Ingen::Server::BufferFactory Class Reference

Public Member Functions

 BufferFactory (Engine &engine, URIs &uris)
uint32_t audio_buffer_size () const
uint32_t default_size (LV2_URID type) const
BufferRef get_buffer (LV2_URID type, LV2_URID value_type, uint32_t capacity, bool real_time, bool force_create=false)
BufferRef silent_buffer ()
void set_block_length (SampleCount block_length)
void set_seq_size (uint32_t seq_size)
Forgeforge ()
URIsuris ()
Engineengine ()

Static Public Member Functions

static uint32_t audio_buffer_size (SampleCount nframes)


class Buffer

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