Class List

Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
Raul::Array< T >An array
Raul::ArrayStack< T >An array that can also be used as a stack (with a fixed maximum size)
Raul::AtomA piece of data with some type
Raul::AtomicIntAtomic integer
Raul::AtomicPtr< T >Atomic pointer
Raul::ConfigurationProgram configuration (command line options and/or configuration file)
Raul::DeletableSomething with a virtual destructor
Raul::DoubleBuffer< T >Double buffer
Raul::EventRingBufferA RingBuffer of events (generic time-stamped binary "blobs")
Raul::List< T >A realtime safe, (partially) thread safe doubly-linked list
Raul::List< T >::const_iteratorRealtime safe const iterator for a List
Raul::List< T >::iteratorRealtime safe iterator for a List
Raul::List< T >::NodeA node in a List
Raul::LogBufferBuffer for (possibly coloured) log printing
Raul::MaidExplicitly driven garbage collector
Raul::MIDISinkPure virtual base for anything you can write MIDI to
Raul::PathA URI which is a path (for example a filesystem or OSC path)
Raul::PathTable< T >Table of Paths
Raul::ProcessA child process
Raul::RingBufferA lock-free RingBuffer
Raul::SemaphoreCounting semaphore
Raul::SlaveThread driven by (realtime safe) signals
Raul::SMFReaderStandard Midi File (Type 0) Reader
Raul::SMFWriterStandard Midi File (Type 0) Writer
Raul::SRMWQueue< T >Realtime-safe single-reader multi-writer queue (aka lock-free ringbuffer)
Raul::SRSWQueue< T >Realtime-safe single-reader single-writer queue (aka lock-free ringbuffer)
Raul::SymbolA restricted string (C identifier, which is a component of a Path)
Raul::Table< K, T >Slow insertion, fast lookup, cache optimized, super fast sorted iteration
Raul::ThreadAbstract base class for a thread
Raul::TimeSliceA duration of time, with conversion between tick time and beat time
Raul::TimeStampA real-time time stamp (possible units: frame, absolute (s), or beat)
Raul::TimeUnitA type of time stamp
Raul::URISimple wrapper around standard string with useful URI-specific methods