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Raul::Atom Class Reference
[Realtime Audio Utility Library]

A piece of data with some type. More...

#include <Atom.hpp>

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Public Types

enum  Type {
typedef std::map< Raul::Atom,

Public Member Functions

 Atom (int32_t val)
 Atom (float val)
 Atom (bool val)
 Atom (const char *val)
 Atom (const std::string &val)
 Atom (Type t, const std::string &val)
 URI constructor (t must be URI).
 Atom (const char *type_uri, size_t size, void *val)
 Atom (const DictValue &dict)
 Atom (const Atom &copy)
Atomoperator= (const Atom &other)
bool operator== (const Atom &other) const
bool operator!= (const Atom &other) const
bool operator< (const Atom &other) const
size_t data_size () const
bool is_valid () const
Type type () const
 Type of this atom.
int32_t get_int32 () const
float get_float () const
bool get_bool () const
const char * get_string () const
const char * get_uri () const
const char * get_blob_type () const
const void * get_blob () const
const DictValue & get_dict () const


class Raul::URI

Detailed Description

A piece of data with some type.

Atoms can be of various primitive types (integer, float, etc) as well as a string or primitive. The primitive types are entirely contained within the Atom, i.e. the Atom is POD. String, URI, and blob atoms are not POD.

Member Function Documentation

Type Raul::Atom::type (  )  const [inline]

Type of this atom.

Always check this before attempting to get the value - attempting to get the incorrectly typed value is a fatal error.

Referenced by Raul::Configuration::add(), and Raul::AtomRDF::atom_to_node().

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