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Raul::Array< T > Class Template Reference
[Realtime Audio Utility Library]

An array. More...

#include <Array.hpp>

Inherits Raul::Deletable.

Inherited by Raul::ArrayStack< T >.

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Public Member Functions

 Array (size_t size=0)
 Array (size_t size, T initial_value)
 Array (size_t size, const Array< T > &contents)
 Array (size_t size, const Array< T > &contents, T initial_value=T())
virtual void alloc (size_t num_elems)
virtual void alloc (size_t num_elems, T initial_value)
size_t size () const
T & operator[] (size_t i) const
T & at (size_t i) const

Detailed Description

template<class T>
class Raul::Array< T >

An array.

Has a stack-like push_back(), but is NOT a resizeable array (the size given to the constructor or alloc method is the maximum number of elements which can be pushed).

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