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Raul::Slave Class Reference
[Realtime Audio Utility Library]

Thread driven by (realtime safe) signals. More...

#include <Slave.hpp>

Inherits Raul::Thread.

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Public Member Functions

void whip ()
 Tell the slave to do whatever work it does.

Protected Member Functions

virtual void _whipped ()=0
 Worker method.

Protected Attributes

Semaphore _whip

Detailed Description

Thread driven by (realtime safe) signals.

Use this to perform some task in a separate thread you want to 'drive' from a realtime (or otherwise) thread.

Member Function Documentation

void Raul::Slave::whip (  )  [inline]

Tell the slave to do whatever work it does.

Realtime safe.

virtual void Raul::Slave::_whipped (  )  [protected, pure virtual]

Worker method.

This is called once from this thread every time whip() is called. Implementations likely want to put a single (non loop) chunk of code here, e.g. to process an event.

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