I Was Told The Crowd Would Have Funding


I am, like many an obsessive nerd before me, terrible at self-promotion and living a healthy and sustainable life in general. However, as I sit here sick, burnt-out, and slowly going broke while I desperately dump what little energy I have into boring software that mostly benefits other people, it occurs to me that it might be smart to set up the usual channels for people to support this work, and mention them here (despite how embarrassing it is to do so).

It's pretty well-known these days how brutal and thankless it can be to maintain Open Source infrastructure. While I enjoy what I do around here in a way, truth be told, I'm not sure I can do it much longer. In an ideal sense, my grand plan (as described in some earlier posts) is to get the foundation solid and increase the LV2 "bus factor" so I can return to building user-facing things and tackle some new problems which tends to be more rewarding. Realistically, though, I may just be cleaning things up and minimizing the maintenance overhead so that I can hand them off or simply abandon them without feeling too bad about it. Time will tell, but if any of this helped at all with surviving the ever-skyrocketing cost of living... well, it certainly wouldn't hurt my motivation.

So! In addition to the old direct donation and subscription links on my donation page, I've set up Github Sponsor and Patreon accounts. If you're reading this, presumably you know about the various projects I author, maintain, or contribute to. If you use or benefit from any of that and can spare a few bucks, I'd appreciate any support. Every little bit really does help.