Flattr is an interesting idea, so I've decided to try it out. I've added SLV2, Patchage, and Ingen as "Things" (perhaps I should add a generic "drobilla.net LAD stuff" Thing... or come up with a name for the meta-project that is my LAD work?). Adding an LV2 Thing would be good as well, but it would not be fair for that money to go to me alone, so I am not sure what to do in that situation.

Let's get more LAD projects on Flattr so I have things in the community to donate my initial "means" to :)

In related news, drobilla.net svn and/or LV2 followers have probably noticed my progress in LADville has been uncharacteristically stagnant lately... my computing set up sort of fell apart (long story), and I have no working audio setup (*&%\$ firewire...), so motivation has been running a bit low. However, this winter, I'm deliberately moving somewhere infinitely more boring than Toronto so I have nothing to do but work. Hopefully by next spring, there will be solid releases of all my software (particularly Ingen), and I can finish all those big fancy LV2 extensions people have been pining for. Then I can justifiably beg for people to click those donation buttons, right? ;)