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FlowCanvas::Connection Class Reference

A connection (line) between two canvas objects. More...

#include <Connection.hpp>

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struct  Handle
 A handle on a connection line to allow mouse interaction. More...

Public Types


Public Member Functions

 Connection (boost::shared_ptr< Canvas > canvas, boost::shared_ptr< Connectable > source, boost::shared_ptr< Connectable > dest, uint32_t color, bool show_arrow_head=false)
virtual ~Connection ()
virtual void move (double, double)
virtual void zoom (double z)
bool selected () const
void set_selected (bool b)
virtual double length_hint () const
void set_label (const std::string &str)
void show_handle (bool show)
void set_color (uint32_t color)
void set_highlighted (bool b)
void raise_to_top ()
void select_tick ()
const boost::weak_ptr
< Connectable
source () const
const boost::weak_ptr
< Connectable
dest () const
void set_handle_style (HandleStyle s)

Protected Member Functions

void update_location ()

Protected Attributes

const boost::weak_ptr< Canvas_canvas
const boost::weak_ptr
< Connectable
const boost::weak_ptr
< Connectable
Gnome::Canvas::Bpath _bpath
GnomeCanvasPathDef * _path
 A handle on a connection line to allow mouse interaction.
uint32_t _color
HandleStyle _handle_style
bool _selected:1
bool _show_arrowhead:1


class Canvas
class Connectable

Detailed Description

A connection (line) between two canvas objects.

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

FlowCanvas::Connection::Connection ( boost::shared_ptr< Canvas canvas,
boost::shared_ptr< Connectable source,
boost::shared_ptr< Connectable dest,
uint32_t  color,
bool  show_arrow_head = false 
virtual FlowCanvas::Connection::~Connection (  )  [virtual]

Member Function Documentation

virtual void FlowCanvas::Connection::move ( double  ,
) [inline, virtual]
virtual void FlowCanvas::Connection::zoom ( double  z  )  [virtual]
bool FlowCanvas::Connection::selected (  )  const [inline]

References _selected.

void FlowCanvas::Connection::set_selected ( bool  b  ) 
virtual double FlowCanvas::Connection::length_hint (  )  const [inline, virtual]
void FlowCanvas::Connection::set_label ( const std::string &  str  ) 
void FlowCanvas::Connection::show_handle ( bool  show  ) 
void FlowCanvas::Connection::set_color ( uint32_t  color  ) 
void FlowCanvas::Connection::set_highlighted ( bool  b  ) 
void FlowCanvas::Connection::raise_to_top (  ) 
void FlowCanvas::Connection::select_tick (  ) 
const boost::weak_ptr<Connectable> FlowCanvas::Connection::source (  )  const [inline]

References _source.

const boost::weak_ptr<Connectable> FlowCanvas::Connection::dest (  )  const [inline]

References _dest.

void FlowCanvas::Connection::set_handle_style ( HandleStyle  s  )  [inline]

References _handle_style.

void FlowCanvas::Connection::update_location (  )  [protected]

Friends And Related Function Documentation

friend class Canvas [friend]
friend class Connectable [friend]

Member Data Documentation

const boost::weak_ptr<Canvas> FlowCanvas::Connection::_canvas [protected]
const boost::weak_ptr<Connectable> FlowCanvas::Connection::_source [protected]

Referenced by source().

const boost::weak_ptr<Connectable> FlowCanvas::Connection::_dest [protected]

Referenced by dest().

Gnome::Canvas::Bpath FlowCanvas::Connection::_bpath [protected]
GnomeCanvasPathDef* FlowCanvas::Connection::_path [protected]

A handle on a connection line to allow mouse interaction.

uint32_t FlowCanvas::Connection::_color [protected]

Referenced by set_handle_style().

Referenced by selected().

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