Unix Modular Synth


I've decided to use my blog to archive random ideas until I figure something better out (on that note, anyone know of any good RDF based mind-map software, or something generic that can easily be used as one?)

Until then:

<drobilla> crazy thought of the day: write an LV2 extension for text
stream input/output ports, and you can write a trivial unix cmd line
utility wrapper plugin
<drobilla> anyone want to convert midi to text then run it through
sed and grep and convert back to midi in a modular? :)
<gordonjcp> ahahaha
<gordonjcp> you sick sick man
<drobilla> unix modular, best thing ever

Ingix? Really wouldn't be that hard. Could even make it parallelize forkey pipelines, if the LV2 contexts extension is powerful enough. More on that later...