Raul::Path Member List

This is the complete list of members for Raul::Path, including all inherited members.
base() const Raul::Path [inline]
base_no_scheme() const Raul::Path [inline]
c_str() const (defined in Raul::URI)Raul::URI [inline]
child(const std::string &s) const (defined in Raul::Path)Raul::Path [inline]
child(const Path &p) const (defined in Raul::Path)Raul::Path [inline]
child(const Raul::Symbol &symbol) const Raul::Path [inline]
chop_scheme() const Raul::URI [inline]
chop_start(const std::string &str) const Raul::URI [inline]
descendant_comparator(const Path &parent, const Path &child)Raul::Path [inline, static]
find(const std::string &s) const (defined in Raul::URI)Raul::URI [inline]
find_last_of(char c) const (defined in Raul::URI)Raul::URI [inline]
is_child_of(const Path &parent) const (defined in Raul::Path)Raul::Path
is_parent_of(const Path &child) const (defined in Raul::Path)Raul::Path
is_path(const Raul::URI &uri) (defined in Raul::Path)Raul::Path [static]
is_root() const (defined in Raul::Path)Raul::Path [inline]
is_valid(const std::basic_string< char > &path) (defined in Raul::Path)Raul::Path [static]
is_valid_name(const std::basic_string< char > &name) (defined in Raul::Path)Raul::Path [inline, static]
length() const (defined in Raul::URI)Raul::URI [inline]
nameify(const std::basic_string< char > &str)Raul::Path [static]
operator Raul::Atom() const (defined in Raul::URI)Raul::URI [inline]
operator!=(const URI &uri) const (defined in Raul::URI)Raul::URI [inline]
operator+(const Path &p) const (defined in Raul::Path)Raul::Path [inline]
operator<(const URI &uri) const (defined in Raul::URI)Raul::URI [inline]
operator<=(const URI &uri) const (defined in Raul::URI)Raul::URI [inline]
operator==(const URI &uri) const (defined in Raul::URI)Raul::URI [inline]
parent() const Raul::Path [inline]
Path()Raul::Path [inline]
Path(const std::basic_string< char > &path)Raul::Path
Path(const char *cpath)Raul::Path
Path(const Path &copy)Raul::Path [inline]
pathify(const std::basic_string< char > &str)Raul::Path [static]
relative_to_base(const Path &base) const Raul::Path [inline]
replace_invalid_chars(std::string &str, size_t start, bool replace_slash=false)Raul::Path [static]
root()Raul::Path [static]
scheme() const Raul::URI [inline]
set_root(const Raul::URI &uri)Raul::Path [static]
str() const (defined in Raul::URI)Raul::URI [inline]
substr(size_t start, size_t end=std::string::npos) const (defined in Raul::URI)Raul::URI [inline]
symbol() const Raul::Path [inline]
URI(const std::basic_string< char > &uri="nil:0")Raul::URI [inline]
URI(const char *uri)Raul::URI [inline]