No, not technical support for you, I’m afraid. Support for me! :) I hesitate to put up a page like this, but people have actually requested subscription options and such, so here it is.

All the software here is Free Software, both “free as in beer” and “free as in freedom”. It is my gift to everyone, no strings attached. However, if you like my software, some financial support would certainly be very much appreciated. This work takes a lot of time, but doesn’t make any money. Unfortunately, sooner or later the amount of work I am able to do on these projects is going to drop severely if they can’t at least partially support me financially.

If you’d like me to do free software contract work to implement something I wouldn’t otherwise, send me an email and we can work something out. I’m more than open to the idea of new features or projects if someone’s willing to support the effort.


($1 / Month)

($5 / Month)

($10 / Month)

($20 / Month)

($30 / Month)

($40 / Month)

($50 / Month)

Donate via PayPal

(One time donation of any amount)

Donate via Bitcoin


(Note these “donations” are tokens of appreciation (i.e. gifts), and not payment for services rendered)

Thank you!

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