Patchage is a modular patch bay for audio and MIDI systems based on Jack and Alsa.


Patchage running in GNU/Linux
Patchage running in Mac OS X


The latest version of Patchage is 0.5.0, released on January 11, 2011.

Source Code


Patchage is included in several distributions, including: FreeBSD (audio/patchage in ports), Debian/Ubuntu/etc. (patchage), Arch (patchage in community).

Please support Patchage’s development:


Patchage depends on Raul (>= 0.7.0) and FlowCanvas (>= 0.7.1)



The most recent development version of Patchage can be checked out of SVN. Since it requires 2 libraries in the same repository, it is easiest to:

svn co drobilla-lad

Either build raul and flowcanvas first, then patchage; or (much faster and easier) build the entire repository (in addition to Patchage, you’ll get Ingen with one build process).

Bugs / Feature Requests

Please report any issues here

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  12. Hi! I would like to know if there is any way to save the modules positions in Patchage. Currently I’m using a script to open the programs and the Patchbay in Qjackctl to save the connections, but when I load a project, even thou everything is connected and running, Patchage is a mess so I have to manually reorganize all modules. Thanks!!!

    • There is a “Save Positions” entry in the file menu.

      However, you should never have to manually organize things anyway, use View->Arrange (Ctrl-g) to do it automatically. Patchage must be compiled with Graphviz present for this to work.

  13. I usually start “Jack” manually using the console. With the command “jackd -d alsa -d hw:MobilePre -r 48000 -n 3 -p 64″. It’s the first thing I do, then run “patchage” on another console. and get this error:

    [Patchage console]

    Loading glade file /usr/share/patchage/
    [JACK] Cannot read socket fd = 13 err = Conseguido
    [JACK] CheckRes error
    [JACK] JackSocketClientChannel read fail
    [JACK] Cannot open Patchage client

    and within “jackd” console, after running “patchage” appears this:
    [jackd console]

    JackPosixProcessSync::LockedTimedWait error usec = 5000000 err = Connection timed out
    Driver is not running
    Cannot create new client

    Randomly work, I restart the computer and sometimes it works, sometimes not. Any help?

  14. So does patchage require Jack or can it operate on Alsa data alone? I would like to figure out how to use it for midi only routing and *hopefully* translating midi messages on a raspberry pi, and I want to keep the setup as simple as possible. Thanks! JR

    • You can use one or the other alone, or both at the same time. There are menu commands to connect/disconnect to/from Jack and ALSA. You will need to use another tool for tasks that actually process data, like translating MIDI messages.

  15. Hay, Its sound great. I have a very short question. I want to know is it possible to play music during skype call through this application. My operating system is Ubuntu12.04 LTS.

    • This is great! A much nicer and easier way to change and view JACK connections than QJackCtl. Simple, elegant and user-friendly.
      Is there any way to get patchage to minimize to the system tray?

      • Thanks. Patchage has no built-in support for the notification area. Sorry, I share the (not uncommon) view that bloating it with regular programs is inappropriate. There may be a generic way to do this, but I don’t know of one.

        • Thanks, I take your point about the system tray. Now I instead just put a quicklaunch icon on the taskbar for easy access. However, the disadvantage is that each time I run Patchage the arrangement of sources and sinks is a mess, even if I Save Positions before closing. When I click “Arrange” it cleans up great, but I have to do it each time I open the program.
          Is there any way to auto-Arrange on startup?

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  19. Hi, I would like to install patchage although I know this is kind of old now, but I can’t make it neither work nor compile on osx 10.9 (which didn’t existed in 2011…
    Is there some “forked software” around or could someone give me an advice to make it work?

    • I don’t have a Mac handy anymore, so doing another OSX distribution probably won’t happen any time soon. I will try to roll another one up one of these days when I get a chance…

  20. Hi, could you please add support for $DESTDIR in wscript so it makes us packagers lives a little easier?


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