Lilv is a C library to make the use of LV2 plugins as simple as possible for applications. Lilv is the successor to SLV2, rewritten to be significantly faster and have minimal dependencies. It is stable, well-tested software (the included test suite covers over 90% of the code) in use by several applications.

Lilv is Free Software under an extremely liberal MIT-style license. It depends only on Serd and Sord, and is known to work on GNU/Linux, Free/Open BSD, Mac OS X, and Windows.


The latest version of Lilv is 0.20.0, released on August 08, 2014.


Man pages and HTML documentation are built and installed by the source distribution when configured with --docs.


Lilv is developed and given away freely for the benefit of all. However, donations of appreciation for the considerable time and effort spent are appreciated:


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