Ingen (formerly Om) is a modular audio processing system for GNU/Linux audio systems using the Jack audio server and LV2 or LADSPA plugins.

Ingen is built around LV2 technology and a strict separation of engine from user interface. The engine is controlled exclusively through a protocol, and can execute as a headless process, with an in-process GUI, or as an LV2 plugin. The GUI can run as a program which communicates over a TCP/IP socket, or as an embeddable LV2 GUI which communicates via LV2 ports. The protocol uses the same Turtle syntax and vocabulary as saved files, though others are possible.

Any saved Ingen graph can be loaded as an LV2 plugin on any system where Ingen is installed. This allows users to visually develop custom plugins for use in other applications without programming.


An Ingen synthesizer shown with horizontal signal flow.

An Ingen synthesizer shown with vertical signal flow.


Ingen is currently only available in SVN. Since it requires a few libraries in the same repository, it is easiest to:

svn co drobillad

Either build lilv, suil, raul, and ganv first, then ingen; or simply build the entire repository (in addition to Ingen, you’ll get Patchage and Machina). You will require a recent version of LV2.

Please support Ingen development:


See the Ingen wiki page for user oriented information.


10 thoughts on “Ingen

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  6. Hey!
    amazing software. I’ve just got a problem loadinjg a graph as lv2. Ardour just crashed, Qtractor could load the graph but with no graph inside and crashed.. jalv says “no appropriate ui found” and carla said “Could not find the LV2 Descriptor in the plugin library”. what is exactly the problem and how an I solve it?
    thanks in advance

    i’m using ingen 0.5.1 on a linuxmint/kxstudio based on ubuntu 12.04 lts.
    all the best


  7. Hi, thanks for making this– I’m excited to see what I can do with it once I get going!

    Don’t know if this is a bug or not: I noticed in your video tutorials that you had your plugins organized by category. In my Ingen, I only have one folder which says “Uncategorized”.

    Also, I’m not certain what everything does in the “Properties” window.

    Thanks again!

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