FlowCanvas is an interactive Gtkmm/Gnomecanvasmm widget for “boxes and lines” style
environments (e.g. modular synths or interactive finite state automata diagrams).

It was used by Ingen, Patchage, and Machina

Note: FlowCanvas is dead, long live Ganv!


Patchage Screenshot


The latest version of FlowCanvas is 0.7.1, released on January 11, 2011.

Please support FlowCanvas development:


HTML Documentation can be built from the source distribution using ./waf configure –docs, or you can browse documentation online


Please file any bugs you find here

9 thoughts on “FlowCanvas

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  2. It’s planned to port this great component to Gtk 3 and Goocanvas?, i forked via github and i’m trying to port it to these frameworks but has some issues because are Gnomecanvas an Goocanvas are very different, in things like classes and names.


  3. Hi. It seems I need libgvc to install this, but after crawling the web for an hour I haven’t managed to find the source code. Any links to source greatly appreciated. Note that I need source, not an RPM or similar package.

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