Libre Audio Software

  • Ingen, a modular audio synthesis and processing environment.
  • Machina, A graphical generative MIDI sequencer based on finite state automata.
  • Patchage, A modular patch bay for JACK based audio systems.
  • Lilv, A C library providing simple use of LV2 plugins.
  • FlowCanvas, A canvas widget for graph-like interfaces (used by Ingen/Patchage/Machina).
  • Raul, A C++ utility library for realtime multi-threaded audio applications.
  • Sratom, A C library for serialising LV2 atoms to/from Turtle.

RDF / Semantic Web Software

  • Serd, The fastest Turtle reader/writer library in the west.
  • Sord, An in-memory RDF data store library.
  • LV2SpecGen, A fork of specgen improved for generating LV2 extension documentation.

Other Software

  • Qure, an RDF store written with Tokyo Cabinet
  • Resp, a toy compiler for my typed LISPey language


  • Redland (contributor), an RDF toolkit in C. I wrote the Turtle serialiser (RDF syntax for those with taste) and the “trees” storage.
  • Ardour (contributor), a DAW and sequencer. I wrote the (MIDI) sequencing support (initially as a Google SoC project).
  • LV2 (co-author), an extensible audio plugin specification based on RDF.


  • PEMS, a Parallel External Memory System (the implementation of my Master’s thesis)

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