Lilv 0.16.0

Lilv 0.16.0 is out. Lilv is a C library to make the use of LV2 plugins as simple as possible for applications.

This release fixes many bugs and adds several convenient functions to the API. Upgrading is recommended.


  • Add lilv_world_ask() for easily checking if a statement exists
  • Add lilv_world_get() and lilv_port_get() for easily getting one value
  • Add lilv_nodes_merge()
  • Make lilv_plugin_get_port_by_designation() return a const pointer
  • Require a URI for lilv_state_to_string() and fail gracefully otherwise
  • Fail gracefully when lilv_state_new_from_string() is called on NULL
  • Make state loading functions fall back to lv2:default for port values, so a plugin description can be loaded as default state
  • Ignore state ports with no value instead of printing an error
  • Support atom:supports in lilv_port_supports_event()
  • Add va_list variant of lilv_plugin_get_num_ports_of_class()
  • Fix several plugin functions that failed to load data if called first
  • Correctly depend on serd at build time (fix compilation in odd cases)
  • Disable timestamps in HTML documentation for reproducible build
  • lilvmm.hpp: Support varargs for Plugin::get_num_ports_of_class()
  • lilvmm.hpp: Add several missing methods
  • Update to waf 1.7.8 and autowaf r90 (install docs to versioned directory)

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