LV2 1.0.0

The first unified LV2 release, LV2 1.0.0, is out.

This release merges the previous lv2core package with all the official extension packages, as well as example plugins, lv2specgen, and additional data. From a developer point of view, the biggest change is that all LV2 API headers can be used by simply checking for the single pkg-config package "lv2" (for compatibility the previous "lv2core" package is still installed). Implementations are encouraged to abandon the "copy paste headers" practice and depend on this package instead.

With this release, several new extensions have become stable that together greatly increase the power of LV2: atom, log, parameters, patch, port-groups, port-props, resize-port, state, time, worker.

Documentation and more detailed change logs

Download LV2 1.0.0